About Us 

Matt Steffen
Founder, Creative Director

Robert Levin
Chief of Operations

  • Robert is a seasoned marketing/communications professional, and has worked in advertising, traditional marketing, and the corporate sector.
  • He is a Internet pioneer, having developed some of the earliest sites online, as well as being a proto-blogger under the pseudonym “the Cyber Curmudgeon.”
  • He graduated from Temple University with a degree in Television, Film and Radio, and applies that creative background when navigating the underlying technologies of the web to deliver effective online marketing solutions for our clients.
  • Like Matt, Robert is something of a family-man, enjoying a shared love of music along with his wife Linda and son, Tommy.

Gordana Milnova

  • Gordana is a passionate advocate of clients’ needs and relentlessly attacks each day in the interest of their success.
  • Gordana is responsible for analyzing and adjusting every aspect of each marketing campaign that leaves our shop.
  • She is a math whiz, and there isn’t one aspect of a client’s account that she isn’t deeply aware of. When something goes right, it’s most likely because Gordana made it that way!

Ray Lombardi

  • Ray has been shooting film since he was 8 years old, and his passion for capturing moments is only transcended by his ability to do it better than anybody else in the business.
  • Ray has shot hundreds of videos, many of which have been internationally recognized