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Thomas Fishman saw one of our ads and immediately visited our website and signed up for services. 

Fishman Bicycles is a new bicycle shop who did not have a website or web presence when they came to us. 

As a result, we needed to design ads that featured special offers attractive enough to drive significant store traffic, while comprehensive enough to minimize landing page visitors from needing to see more information on the web. 

After 2 months of running local ad campaigns to outdoor enthusiasts, we increased store traffic by 10% which led to an ROI of 6 to 1.

MONTHLY FEE: $499   |   TACTIC: FACEBOOK ADS      ROI:   6 to 1



ROI:   6 to 1



Anyone can get someone to open their wallet, walk to their phone or place something in their mailbox, but driving store traffic is one of the most challenging tasks of any marketing system.

For this campaign, we needed special offers attractive enough to get people into their cars, and intelligent enough not to dig too deeply into profits. 

This is why the majority of our efforts were spent creating the best 2 offers possible that locals of Fishman Bicycles would be attracted to. 

We experimented with both offers, and after 3 days we had a clear winner. We ensured this offer had an expiration date that was unique to each landing page visitor based on when they saw the ad. 

After all, studies have proven that people consume food faster when it is about to expire! 

We are an elite culture of winners that show extreme empathy for our Clients by serving their needs and DOMINATING their competition. 


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