#1 Email Marketing Secret

By Maverick Steffen | Daily Marketing Advice

Have you ever watched a reality television show? If you have, than you are well aware of this great email marketing secret I am about to show you.

Reality television shows effectively generate continued interest in their respective program because they use what is known as "open loop marketing." Essentially they set aside a percentage of their programs to tease the audience about what they can expect from the following program. Now they won't give away the conclusion of next week's show, on the contrary, they wish only to give a small enough taste to make the viewer come back for the entire bite.

So how is this an email marketing secret? Let's got through the numbers:

1- Always use a P.S. in your emails

That's right, a P.S. following your signature in an email to your lead affords you a consistent opportunity to get your lead to remember something of your choosing. This is known as primacy and recency in the psychological community, and it stipulates that we remember what we learned first, and last, within short spans of time.

2- Always insert a teaser into your P.S.

What you are doing here is giving your lead a reason to look forward to your next email. For example:

"P.S. Next month I will be showing you 20 new email marketing secrets. I am attending 2 conferences this month, and I look forward to teaching you what I learn."

Here I am not only giving our leads a reason to look forward to our next email, but also explaining to them why I can't give them this information right now.

Getting your leads to look forward to your next email is the 2nd most effective way of using your email marketing program to get your prospect to know, like and trust you. The 1st most effective way is to consistently provide valuable and unique content directly to their inbox.


Yahoo.com is the best at providing teasers that effectively get people to click images on their homepage. If you want to learn how to get good at learning how to tease your leads, Yahoo's homepage is a great place to start.

I hope you liked this email marketing secret.


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