7 Simple Email Marketing Tips & Tricks

By Maverick Steffen | Daily Marketing Advice

Today I want to give you 7 great tips and tricks you can begin using to increase your email list, and convert more recipients into paying customers.

1) Always strike a balance between sending promotional emails, and advice emails. I like to send advice emails on a consistent basis, so I can really dominate the mind space of the people in my list as my contact with them is like clockwork. Then I like to send them promotional emails when I have an innovative marketing service I would like to offer them. This maximizes the amount of value they get, and the likelihood they will like, trust and rely on you for assistance regarding your industry.

2) Always use a P.S. at the bottom of your email. People always read them, and it's a great way to get them looking forward to your next email.

3) A quick way to build your email list is to promote a very useful eBook to people within your target market using Facebook. Ensure the promotional link goes to a landing page on your website where you will collect their first name and email in exchange for the eBook.

4) Always address each email recipient using their first name. For example: "Good morning John,." This can easily be accomplished with a shortcode using the email system you're working with. After all, "A person's own name is the sweetest sound in the English language." -Dale Carnegie.

5) Always use a friendly, conversational tone. Write your emails as if you're talking to a friend. I don't care whether you're an attorney, Physics Professor, engineer or the FBI, a warm friendly tone helps get people to do exactly what you need them to do, which of course is the point of sending email in the first place.

6) Experiment to determine the best day and time to reach your audience. You should also be continually experimenting with headlines, body content, calls-to-action, images, and any other element you use in emails to get people to open, and buy your stuff.

7) People ALWAYS read the captions underneath images. So, this is a great place to put information you really want to convey to them. A call-to-action works well here, as well as the key benefit of the product/service you're trying to sell.


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