Published July 20, 2020, by Maverick Steffen

Let me be clear: I do NOT like website designers.

The reason is because they are willing to take your money, but NOT give you a website that will get you new customers.

Oh sure, it will look "good", and you and them can admire your site like a homeowner looking at a new pool.

But mind you, not enough customers will swim in your pool.

Let me explain...

  1. Our process for designing a new website is simple:
  2. Our copywriters and designers build a few distinct landing pages (mini website on one page). For example: Click here to view a Landing Page
  3. We then use Facebook ads to drive traffic to these Landing Pages
  4. After 10,000+ impressions, we measure which Landing Page got the most clicks and customers.
  5. We then make our client's homepage look exactly like that landing page, as we build out the rest of their site to match that style, design and content.

Not rocket science, is it?

And yet, how many homepages have not been properly tested to measure how effective they are?

I could sit here and tell you all the "science" and "art" behind our homepage and why it convert 3xs higher than the industry norm, but that would be BS.

Instead, all I know is we tested over 30+ designs and content variations in the past, and voila, this homepage makes us money while we sleep (literally).


We even tested the color of backgrounds, testimonial videos, fonts and the curvature of the button corners.

In fact, the red button that takes people to Netflix got us more conversions than the one that didn't! Bizarre, but behavior often is.

It baffles me how many business owners will spend all their time grinding their sales team when the front door to their sales team isn't even wide open!

I could tell you we can use this process for you, but you already know that.

How about you do it for yourself.

And guess what, I'll even teach you how to run the Facebook Ads and set up the landing pages to test it.

Wait till you see how a design I teach you to create for yourself does exponentially better than the one your website designer created for you...

...or God forbid, you created for yourself.

Go get your money back from that "website designer."

Heuristic design doesn't increase revenue, empirical testing and incremental improvement does.

To your success!