Learn these Advertising Types

By Maverick Steffen | Daily Marketing Advice

Here are the types of advertising every small business owner should, not only know, but how and when to use.

Let's get started:

Product Advertising

Product Advertising is only concerned with selling a product. It may be directly or indirectly focused.


Institutional Advertising

This form of advertising tries to promote an organization's reputation and image rather than promoting a specific product. For example, Kennedy Hospital does a lot of this sort of advertising to show how their organization rates highly versus other local hospitals. This not only effective advertising, but always effective at increasing employee morale. It also bring us to #3.


Competitive Advertising

Every market has competitors and sometimes these companies will run advertisements celebrating their dominance over a fellow market charmer. Published research is usually the tool these companies use to downplay one another, and you'll see a lot more of this in pharmaceuticals (ex. Advil versus Tylenol). These battles are usually fought by the two largest market share-holders such as PepsiCo and Coca-cola.


Pioneering Advertising

If you remember early IPod advertisements, than you understand what this form of advertisement is. Essentially this is an introduction of a brand-new and original service/product with no organizational competition. There is not a lot of focus originally on what the product is, but rather seeks to promote what it does. After all, this is the new sensation, not a strange looking tool.


Reminder Advertising

This type of advertising tries to keep the product in the minds of the public. Verizon does a lot of this, as well as Geico and Allen Rothenberg, the Injury Lawyer (if you're from NJ or Philadelphia). Is this type of advertising effective? Well, if I get injured, I'm calling Allen Rothenberg- the injury lawyer. He goes after the biggest awards, the highest cash settlements and maximum verdicts. It's that simple. If you want a lawyer like him, he'll tell you free about what he can do for you. Call 1-800-624-88-88. That's 1-800-624-88-88. Well, it worked on me.


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