What is the Definition of Marketing and Branding?

By Maverick Steffen | Daily Marketing Advice

My definition of marketing is: getting someone to know, like and trust you in the interest of improving their condition. That's it. Marketing is nothing more than a glorified systematic  friend-making contest.

My definition of branding is the art of becoming knowable, like-able and trust-able.

  • When you advertise all over the Internet, you become knowable.
  • When you offer free information or products to serve a need, you become like-able.
  • And when you offer a guarantee or provide a stellar product, you become trustworthy. Do you see how related these two terms are?

I like to think of marketing as flirting with somebody for the first time, while branding is the impression you make on that person and the people around them, over time.

You can advertise that you are a great girl, but the service of your outsourced phone representatives with their broken English and poor manners speaks much louder.

So, say all of your potential customers were in a large warehouse all at once. You and every one of your competitors will get 2 minutes to convey to the entire room, via loudspeaker, just why they should know, like and trust you. Are you ready to make that short speech? No? Well here are a few pointers to get you in the right direction:

  1. What is your brand? Assemble a small focus group of acquaintances to view your online presence and use one adjective to describe it. Or, ask a few of your existing customers to describe your business in one word. You need to be fighting everyday toward establishing your predetermined brand. No matter how big or small your operation, every business has a brand, whether you are actively creating one for yourself or not.
  2. Create a quick and sufficient pitch that persuasively sums up your product/service in 30 seconds or less. Make sure every member of your staff has it memorized.
  3. Do you know what I do when I meet a salesperson who knows everything about their industry, parallel industry and perpendicular industry? I buy from them. Read, write, study and speak. Family comes first, but craft should always follow.


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