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Frequently Asked Questions

 Answers to common questions:

  1. We opened in 2011 and have been growing ever since.
  2. The cost of advertising is included in your fee.
  3. Your marketing budget should be at least 10% of the revenue you expect your marketing efforts to create.
  4. All services are month-to-month and you may cancel at any time.
  5. You are billed through PayPal, and we do not currently white label services or partner up with clients.
  6. Our fees are below the market average because we have eliminated the majority of waste, redundancy and human error found in most "modern" marketing companies.
  7. You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone, email or ticket. 

After you sign up...

  • Within 1-2 days you can access your password-protected Marketing Portal that will contain your ad metrics and marketing materials.
  • Within 2-3 days your new copywriter calls you to request your feedback regarding the strategy we wish to use to increase your sales.
  • Within 5-7 days all of your marketing content is sent to you for your final feedback and approval.
  • Within 5-10 days your Marketing System begins, your ads are published, and you're finally reaching new potential customers with ads and content that will drive leads and sales.
  • Within 1-3 months you can expect a return on your investment as long as you have a positive online presence. 

What Happens after I Sign Up?

How Fees Work
How to Receive and Approve New Ads
Time Frame for Results
How Ads Get Built
How to Increase Your Marketing Budget
When are New Ads Created
How We Track Your Metrics
How to Schedule Special Offers and Promotions
Billing Policy

How Our Marketing Systems Work

We're here to help



Get answers to our frequently asked questions. 


We'd love to hear about your business and how we can help you thrive. 


Our phone operators are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


Come and visit us, Mon. through Fri. at one of our convenient locations. 

We're here to help



Get answers to our frequently asked questions. 


We'd love to hear about your business and how we can help you thrive. 


Our phone operators are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


Come and visit us, Mon. through Fri. at one of our convenient locations. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you serve local businesses?


No matter what local area you serve, we advertise your company with lazer-focused precision.

How does this work for a new business with no website or Social Media?

We love helping new companies get their first customers!

We build landing pages for your company whether you have a website or not.

And if you don't have a Facebook page, we build that for you as well. After all, that's how we advertise your company to the majority of your target market!

What Ad Platforms do we use?

Depending on the Marketing System you select, we begin with Facebook Ads, and for clients with larger marketing budgets, we combine that effort with Google AdWords and Search Engine Optimization.

Do I get to see all of the work before it's published?


We will be sending you your ads, content and images that you must approve before we add them to your Marketing System.

How long does it take to launch my first ads?

1-2 Weeks.

Within 1-2 weeks of your initial payment, you will receive an approval request for your initial ad(s). Once you approve, your ad(s) will begin running within 1-3 business days.

Do I have to provide my own content?


Unless you wish to be in your own videos, our creative writers write your articles, our copywriters create your ads, and our performers star in your videos.

Is this just for a small business or will you market for individuals within a business?


We have provided marketing services to nearly every type of individual you can imagine! For example:

  • School teacher moonlighting as consultants and speakers
  • Car Dealers looking to drive leads outside of the lot
  • Employees looking to start their own business on the side
  • Engineers looking to promote a new book

No matter what you're trying to sell, we get you right in front of the people looking to buy it!

How much advertising is covered for each program?

Because the cost to create ads doesn't change too much from client-to-client, the amount of money we use to advertise your business is dependent on the size of your fee each month.

Please click here to view our infographic which breaks down the percentage of your fee we use to create your ads, and promote them.

Will I own all of the completed work?


  1. All of the content we create for you will be on your website
  2. All of the ads we build for you will be in your password-protected Marketing Portal
  3. All of the designs we build for you will be added to your Social Media pages
  4. Any website we create for you will be yours that you may keep at no additional cost
How will I track all of my Marketing Metrics?

Your Marketing Portal!

We connect all of your ad accounts to your password-protected Marketing Portal so you can see impressions, leads and conversions in real-time.

Fees & Billing

Is the cost to run ads covered in my fee?


All costs to promote your ads are included in your monthly fee.

There are NO additional costs.

None. Zero. Zip. Zilch!

What is the fee, and how does billing work?

We create, manage, analyze and improve your Marketing System starting at $149/month. We bill monthly and you may cancel at any time!

Are any of my payments refundable?

Once you make payment, we quickly deploy several physical, financial and virtual resources to your account to ensure your ads are produced, and running, as expediently as possible.

And because we don't make you sign a contract, you can cancel services at any time and will not be billed the following month!

Because of all of these reasons, under no circumstance do we allow refunds once payments are made.

However, if you feel as though services were not promptly delivered during one of your billing cycles, please let us know so we may fix the problem with you as quickly as possible.

Do you base your fees on performance?

If we based our fees on the number of customers we got our clients, our fee would be a lot higher! No, we do not calculate our clients' return each month and then take a percentage.

How long is a contract?

We don't require contracts. We bill our clients on a monthly basis, and there is no obligation to continue the following month.

Are services guaranteed?

We 100% guarantee all of our services.

We do not, however, guarantee results. Due to our bold effort to allow every small business access to a comprehensive marketing program, we cannot anticipate which business models will be sustainable or not.

Any Marketing Agency that tries to predict the future by guaranteeing results, or the weather tomorrow, is lying to you!

Still have questions?

Give us a call at (888) 324-6057 to talk to one of our marketing experts. 


We are an elite culture of winners that show extreme empathy for our Clients by serving their needs and DOMINATING their competition. 


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