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How Ads Get Built

Developing new ads is a comprehensive process much like assembling a football team for a new season of play -- once they take the field, it's too late for big adjustments.

Because of this, the timeline to create your new ads can take between 7-14 days. While we try to get your ads done as quickly as possible, it's much more important that your ads are created the right way before spending money to promote them.

For a detailed look at our ad creation process, please examine the infographic below.

Executive creates new
marketing stategy based
on company, competitons,
market and previous

Meteicologist analyzes ad
results and adjusts ad
duration and budget
based on KPIs

Team leader sets up
ads and budget

You are sent new ad that
you can approve or
request changes

Designer designers ad in
accordance with strategy,
company branding
and content

Ad copywriter creates copy
for ad based on strategy
and ad platform

Ads Get

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