We increase your website sales by advertising your business to people looking for your services within your local areas!

We get you in front of your market and convert them into customers.

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Companies we've served in this category:

  • Car / Limo Service
  • Recreation Leagues
  • Waste Management
  • Construction
  • Children's Musical Education
  • Couriers and Messengers
  • Education and Health Services
  • Postal Service
  • Food Service Delivery
  • Cleaning Services

Our recommended marketing formula for your business is below.

You will be able to select which elements you wish to use during the next step!



We create your keywords

We create your content

We measure your rankings to guide future content

We get your website ranked to drive traffic and sales

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Facebook Ads

We create your Ads and Landing Pages

We advertise to people looking for your services within your local area

We retarget your web visitors until they becomes customers

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Positive Reviews

We send your customers invitations to leave you positive reviews on Yelp, Google+,Home Advisor, Angie's List & Houzz (based on your industry)..

We shoot testimonial videos of your customers and use them in your ads

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Email Marketing

We create autoresponder campaigns to drive sales from leads and prospects

We send monthly newsletters to stay in your customers' mindspace to create repeat business, and referrals 

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Video & Pictures

We come out and shoot high quality video and pictures of your key business assets

We create all of the necessary scripts, disclosures and set guidance for shoot

We appropriately assimilate this footage into all future ads and content 

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Social Media

We create a Social Media strategy to increase your followers and engagement 

We create and time release Memes and videos to to generate likes, shares and sales

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Rank at the top of Google

50% of your Marketing System will be leveraged to get you to the top of Google for every keyword that will drive new business. 

Your business needs to be at the top of search engines for the exact service you provide, and each area you provide it in. 

For example, if you're a fencing contractor serving Saddle River, NJ, you need to be at the top of Google when people type: "Saddle River NJ fencing company", "Fencing contractor in saddle NJ" and even "great fencing company near saddle river nj."

We create the keywords and content necessary to get you ranked for every service you offer in every area you serve. 

We continually track how well your keywords are ranking so we can improve our performance and increase your rankings!


I hired an SEO Company before and didn't get any results.

The problem with SEO is it should NEVER be used as a stand-alone strategy. This is why we only use it in conjunction with a retargeting ad campaign.

Your SEO company may have gotten you ranked at the top of Google, but unless you have Facebook Ads retargeting visitors until they contact you, you're going to be wasting a lot of web traffic.

You see, many people going to your website are simply shopping around. It's the companies that retarget web visitors with ads that are eventually going to get these window shoppers as customers. 


I already rank for all of my keywords.

Many new clients that come to us rank for keywords, but they are bad keywords that will never drive new business. After all, a lack of sales is why they reach out to begin with.  

We take a deep look at your market, and ensure that no matter what they type into Google in the pursuit of your offerings, you are there ahead of everybody else. 

And if you are ranking for a number of good keywords, we will focus on getting you ranked for the keywords you aren't. 

Start targeting interested buyers


We advertise your business to potential customers that are currently shopping around for your services.


We create and promote Facebook Ads to get in front of your target market, and stay in front of them until they contact you directly. 

Here are the top benefits of using Facebook Ads for your business:

  • The ability to target potential buyers who are researching companies like yours right now
  • The ability to retarget all landing page and website visitors until they become customers
  • The low cost of lead conversion versus every other ad medium that exists -- trust us, we've used them all!

The power of Facebook Ads exists now, but it won't last forever. Eventually the costs will rise (due to more-and-more people using it) which is why it's critical for you to use it while it's still producing huge returns!


I've tried Facebook Ads before and it didn't work.

Facebook's ad platform is extremely complex and difficult to use, and it can be extremely easy to learn just enough to put yourself in a position to lose a ton of money. Imagine the mess we'd create if we tried quickly learning and doing what you do every single day!

The bottom line is we have successfully run profit-producing campaigns for all of our local service clients, from attorneys to electricians, which is why we know it will work for you too.


Do I have to pay for the cost to advertise?

No, the cost to promote your ads is included in your fee!

We do this to maximize our efforts to drive the highest returns possible thereby slightly widening our profit margin per client.

We find that agencies that simply bill clients for ad spend have no skin-in-the-game in terms of how much money each ad will create. Instead, we've aligned our interests with yours and the result is better ads and higher returns! 

Positive reviews are your best salespeople

We get you real positive reviews by reaching out to your best customers and inviting them to celebrate your work.

You need to focus on continually driving positive reviews for your business because:

  1. It's going to increase your search rankings which will increase your online presence in a positive way
  2. Most customers will always look at the reviews for a local service company, and if you don't have more positive reviews than your competition, you can kiss that lead goodbye.

Based on your budget, we contact your happiest customers and ask them to write a positive review about your company. 

We then send out a film crew to record testimonial videos of your best customers, and assimilate that footage into your video advertising. 


Are the reviews fake?


You're a legitimate company with happy customers.

All you need now is our agency to convert their happiness into customer generating online reviews! 


What if I don't want this?

No problem!

Many new companies have no customers or reviews, and so we only use this tactic when clients approve. If you don't approve, we simply spend more time, money and resources on other areas of your marketing system. 

Automate your sales

We create and send the auto-responders and ongoing content that converts your list into paying customers.

We create email marketing campaigns that convert leads into sales while staying in front of your customers to create repeat business.

From ongoing specials, to intellectual capital you'd like to share in a newsletter, we set your business up for ultimate success.

Email marketing remains one of the best ways to automate your sales.


Do I have to provide content?


However, we always send all content (ads, articles, etc.) to you for your approval before posting anything. At that point, you can send us any changes that need to be made.  

We handle all of the content creation, email auto-responders and execution. We then measure each campaign to improve our efforts.


Can I provide the content?

Absolutely! You will be invited to contribute videos and written content which we will add to your various marketing campaigns.

However, it's always your choice! Some clients want to create their own content, even though most don't. 

After all, some of our clients are thought leaders, and so we know how critical it is to continually promote your intellectual capital. It's our duty, and our pleasure. 

Video is the best medium for quickly driving attention, likeability and trust

Our video ads have been winning advertising awards for years, but that's nothing compared to the sales they've created

In the age of digital marketing you're either creating eye-popping messages, or you're behind those that do. 

The most successful companies are successfully using pictures and video to entice their market and gain new customers.

We create a media development strategy that will make you a market leader, all while having a lot of fun!


Do I have to be in the video?


If we need to, we have a full team of actors and brand ambassadors who are seasoned script readers that can fill your spot, and celebrate your business. 


How many videos do I get each month?

This number will be included in your proposal once you begin signing up.

This number is always a function of the average amount of campaigns needed for your industry each month, and your marketing budget. 

You target market wants to follow you so give them a reason

We create the content that gets your market's attention

A few years ago, social utilities such as Facebook were limiting a business's exposure to their own followers in the interest of forcing those businesses to buy advertising.

Today, however, Facebook and the others have learned that many people log in just to keep up with their favorite Page's they follow. 

We convert your Social Media into an inspirational haven your target market will love, and follow! 


Is the content branded for my business?


All videos and memes we post on your behalf have your logo, font and colors, unless we're celebrating a very serious holiday in which it would be inappropriate, such as Memorial Day. 


Do I get to review all content?


Everything we create is always sent to you for approval, or feedback.

Nothing is ever posted until we have your explicit consent. 

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