Scale Marketing System


You need to aggressively advertise or you're not going to be successful in business.

You need to be able to predict how much money your ads are creating so you can maximize your existing resources to create new revenue. 

We create a marketing system that advertises your business to your target market, and converts them into paying customers.

Yes, we create the ads, landing pages, copy, design and everything else required to start getting you new customers.

What's the catch? The catch is it costs $749/month. The good news is the cost to promote your ads is included in your fee.

The Scale Marketing System is ideal for companies looking to dominate their competitors and scale their business. 


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Case Study

InsureDirect used the Scale Marketing System to create and advertise niche ads according to people's interests, lifestyle and location.

For example, we advertised the savings on auto policies for military veterans in New Jersey, to military veterans in New Jersey.  Common sense, right? Not for the big carriers apparently. 

While companies such as Geico and Progressive were relying heavily on expensive, yet generic, online advertising to generate leads, InsureDirect, with a much smaller marketing budget, enjoyed a surge of site traffic that increased their online leads by 80% within the first 2 quarters of our relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the timeline for results?

Our average client for this Marketing System begins seeing a return on investment with 2-4 months.

We have 2 types of clients: those that stay at least 3 months, and end up staying with us for years. And those that cancel after 1 or 2 months because the results "didn't come fast enough."

If everyone could open a business and get results within 1-2 months, everyone would open a business!

Business success is reserved for those with faith in their business, and their advertising. 

Is the ad spend included?


All costs to promote your ads are included in your monthly fee.

There are NO additional costs.

None. Zero. Zip. Zilch!

Will I own all of the completed work?


  1. All of the content we create for you will be on your website
  2. All of the ads we build for you will be in your password-protected Marketing Portal
  3. All of the designs we build for you will be added to your Social Media pages
  4. Any website we create for you will be yours that you may keep at no additional cost
How long is a contract?

We don't require contracts. We bill our clients on a monthly basis, and there is no obligation to continue the following month.

Marketing System Steps & Features



We analyze your business, offerings, competitors and target market. 

We then strategize the fastest way to begin driving new leads by identifying 1) the best market segment to advertise to, 2) the best feature of your offerings to promote, and 3) the key performance metrics we need to monitor to scale positive results. 

Anybody can spend money on advertising, but very few can do it correctly! 


Step 2: ACTION

We create a new Facebook Ad and Landing Page (using all unique copywriting), and then promote them to your target market using a portion of your fee for the ad spend.

If you wish to generate leads, we create custom forms on your landing page, and you are notified every time you have a new lead. If you sell directly on your website, we divert new potential customers directly to your website. 



After your Marketing System is created, we use more of your fee for advertising as we automate your results.

After results start coming in, we make constant adjustments using A/B/n testing to increase results and eliminate shortcomings.

For example, we may begin by targeting 2 separate markets (you serve) with mirror copies of your ad. After some time, one ad will drive more leads and sales than the other, and that is when we will suspend the weaker performing ad while increasing the ad spend of the best performing campaign. 

Samples of Our Work for this System

Do you see...

the ad on the right?

Not many agencies consistently create ads that get shared, but we do. As a result, your ad spend (which is included in your fee) goes much farther, and your results will be much faster. Here we used a simple message and a simple image that was deadly in driving new leads and sales. 

Do you see...

the ad below?

Not many agencies consistently create ads that get shared, but we do. As a result, your ad spend (which is included in your fee) goes much farther, and your results will be much faster. Here we used a simple message and a simple image that was deadly in driving new leads and sales. 

All of your ads...

will be created by our team of expert copywriters and designers.

They will be sent to you for approval, at which point you may request changes or approve them on the spot.

You will be able to view all of your metrics in your password-protected Marketing Portal that is set up with 24 hours of your signing up. 

Every 3 months we create a new ad and landing page, and A/B split test their performance against your existing campaign. 

After that, we increase the ad spend of your best campaign, and drive scalable results to your business in perpetuity. 

Landing Page Example for Scale Marketing System


The Marketing Agency has done an excellent job consulting and strategizing short-term and long-term marketing activities for our company. They have been instrumental in getting our website completed on budget and on time, and their expertise in providing SEO to attract new customers online has been truly incredible. I highly recommend The Marketing Agency!

Michelle Steele
Executive, LabCorp