Business 2 business marketing 

How do you add customers to my business?

Great question. First we identify who your potential customer is, and where your customer is at. We then create and execute marketing campaigns to get in front of those decision makers, and convert them into long-term customers.

What types of “Marketing Campaigns” do you create?

Your marketing shouldn’t be a roadside billboard that you hope people see as they speed by, it should be a custom-engraved invitation to the best party in town.

You see, your potential customer has an itch — we ensure your marketing scratches that itch with carefully crafted, purpose-built content that regularly has them visiting your site, opening your emails, subscribing to your social media, and — most importantly — buying your offerings.

Do you regularly watch a show, read a blog or visit a location for advice or purely for entertainment? This is what we create for your potential customers. This is how you get your target market’s attention, and continually sell your offerings to them.

How do you guys succeed where other agencies fail?

Other agencies are more concerned with “the art of marketing,” and not the science: The science of sales. The art part is easy. 

We use advanced techniques, such as A/B split testing and metric analysis, to carefully measure every aspect of your marketing program.

We then apply what we learn to ensure every campaign is constantly competing against itself to produce a winning message (more effective) and a losing message (less effective). We then match each winning message against a new message for each campaign and repeat the process, constantly perfecting your marketing message.

So, you do all forms of marketing?

We do everything your marketing requires, and we determine that by performing a complete analysis of your specific situation.

Not one of our clients has the same program as another.

Every client requires a different marketing playbook, and that’s what we deliver. For example, we built one of our clients an email list of 62,354 potential customers, and their weekly newsletter now drives three-quarters of their sales.

For some clients we primarily just use Facebook ads, for others, we build streaming media shows to inform and engage their potential customers.

At the end of the day, all that matters is delivering what your target market wants and will best respond to, and how we can leverage that knowledge to sell your offerings. That’s the essence of successful marketing, and that’s why we’re The Marketing Agency.