We constantly update your Marketing Timelines below so you are fully aware of when your ads will be built and launched, based on our current client acquisition volume.

Where Do These Numbers Come From?

The problem with running a marketing agency growing at 100+% each quarter is we get new clients a little faster then we can hire new people to take care of them.

What slowly started happening was clients were getting services a little slower then what they anticipated, based on the promises on our website.

So what we realized is we needed to constantly update new clients on deadlines, based on our team's current size and workload.

There's a lot of math involved in determining that number, but all you need to know is your deadlines will always be met, and your competition will always be dominated, as long as you hire us.

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The Marketing Agency has a talented team of copywriters, designers and web developers hell-bent on growing your business!


How do you get me new customers?

Currently we use Facebook advertising as our primary customer acquisition tool for all clients. While we do a number of other things such as radio ads, SEO, email marketing, billboards, etc., we have found Facebook ads to be the most profit-producing advertising method for small businesses right now — that will eventually change as it always does every so often! 


Why Facebook Ads?

From local grocery stores to national politicians and regional B2B services providers, Facebook Ads are the most effective advertising medium we are currently using for our clients right now, on average, to drive returns on their investment. Every few years there is a breakaway advertising leader that can be used for nearly every business in order to increase their revenue, and currently that leader is Facebook advertising. Like every other marketing tactic we have used, Facebook Ads won't always be the most effective ad platform for the majority of our clients, but they are today!


Who do I talk to?

After signing up, your new copywriter calls you to discuss the best approach for your new ad campaign (CLICK HERE to view current timeline for this deliverable)! They rely heavily on your feedback and requirements. After your call, they build your campaign and send it to you for your approval. 


Why do other "marketing agencies" charge much more money?

Years ago we made a commitment to accurately price all of our services. We hired an MIT mathematician to quantify our entire process, and as a result, we were able to get our costs and fees down to a science. While other marketing agencies have mystical pricing strategies -- pricing based on what they think and not what they know -- we have the experience and formulas to keep our costs low and your returns high.


How do you generate results with such small fees?

One of the greatest discoveries we've made while working with large companies is smaller ad budgets can produce big results. This is through the amazing effectiveness of Facebook advertising which gives small businesses growth opportunities that didn't exist only a decade ago. Through cutting edge ad targeting and scientifically-guided copywriting, our ads don't need as much fuel to cover huge distances in sales, and growth. 


What happens after I sign up?

After you sign up, we analyze your company, competition and customers. After that, we begin creating a killer customer-acquisition strategy for your business. Then, one of our most experienced copywriters in your industry contacts you to get your feedback, and input regarding our strategy. After that conversation, your ad campaigns are completed and sent to you for approval, based on what Marketing System and Option you signed up for. Once you approve, your ads are running, and your new customers begin chasing you!


How soon does it take to see results?

While every business is different and has a unique set of challenges (competition, lack of positive reviews, etc.) our average client using one of our Marketing Systems begins seeing a 5 to 1 return ($5 return for every $1 spent on marketing) within 2-3 months of implementation. 

We are an elite culture of winners that show extreme empathy for our Clients by serving their needs and DOMINATING their competition. 


We are an elite culture of winners that show extreme empathy for our Clients by serving their needs and DOMINATING their competition. 


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